Socrates Program: In 搜索 of Knowledge and Human Connections


校友和社工的鼓励, 同业拆借Berecz decided to apply to take an evening course in the 苏格拉底项目 a year ago. 他完成了一门无障碍空间课程, and signed up for a new one on War and Persecution, an overview of the literature of war from the Iliad to contemporary Ukrainian poets. We spoke to him at 黄金城官网, after a Socrates book club event. 

黄金城官网: 你为什么决定申请? 

TB: It came as a spontaneous thought – I thought it would be great to see a university from the inside, 在操作. 我是EKH的一员 (Elsokezbol a Hajlektalansagrol / Firsthand 黄金城网站登录首页 首页lessness)这是一个提高意识的组织. Incidentally, we’re not the animals people take us for. It turned out that a fellow member had also attended Socrates and liked the experience. A social worker also encouraged me, and I didn’t regret applying. 

I was interested in seeing a university, and also going to 黄金城官网. 我以前听说过黄金城官网. 我说 to myself, I have to try this, what it’s like to be here. In Kata’s [Professor Kata Gyuris’] class I really appreciated the professionalism and the university atmosphere.  

黄金城官网: What do you remember from her class that made it special for you? 

我记得当时的纪律. Kata had a way of making sure we would actually read for class. 的 teaching style was very similar to that in the Socrates book club on the poetry of war. 

黄金城官网: You applied to attend a new Socrates course on War and Persecution starting January. 你在期待什么? 

TB: What I really don’t expect is to be given a copy of 战争与和平 in the first class, to read it for the second week and write an essay about it for the third. Fun aside, I come from a Jewish family – they killed everyone except my grandmother, in Auschwitz. She was the only one left on that side of the family. So it concerns my family, it concerns me personally. And it will touch on the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. I’m curious, I hope to get sensible points of view. 

黄金城官网: What are classes like based on your experience? 

TB: At the previous course, we had a lot of discussions, it was a very good team, very well selected. We liked each other, and everyone could offer their opinion. Everyone in the classroom is an adult, and I think everyone behaves in that spirit. 我是敞开心扉的.  

黄金城官网: 你有其他学习的机会吗? 

TB: For homeless people, there are no opportunities. 没有钱,没有时间,什么都没有. 我会向所有人推荐苏格拉底. 你可以在这里找到人与人之间的联系, and also knowledge – but you also have to work for the knowledge. What happens in class gives you a change of point of view: it’s not about repeating your views, 但也要倾听他人的意见. 这带来了很多好处.  

黄金城官网: 你能举例说明吗? 

TB: Kata motivated the group, we wanted to read – it was a great class. Friendships were born, and interestingly enough, there was no hostility. Two girls always had opposing views, but no one picked out the other’s eye after class. 这是一次有教养的讨论. When we discussed homelessness, 我说 you can’t talk about social workers in general. 的y are supposed to do something but in reality the story will be different. 的 topic of social services for the homeless came up several times. 我说, 令人兴奋的, tell me about it – this is what it looks like on paper, but it happens to work differently in practice. 我可以解释. 

黄金城官网: 你从别人那里学到了什么吗? 

TB: I learned about universal basic income from another student. 的 government says they don’t want to give money to people without working for it. But they take the money from those who work and give it to others who don’t work anyway, 基于这些或那些理由. 最后,黄金城网站登录首页还是在同一个地方.  

黄金城官网: 你有什么话要对申请者说吗? 

值得一试,我真的很喜欢. You get new perspectives, in a cultured setting. 在收容所, if I begin to argue with a fellow homeless person, 在第二分钟有人拔出了刀. And that’s the argument there – this is why I don’t get into arguments with anyone at the shelter. Here it’s different and my experience is very positive. 

苏格拉底项目 offers reading and discussion-based academic courses to people who have not had an opportunity to attend university (usually due to financial, 健康或与家庭有关的原因). In Berlin and Vienna, the project closed after two years with an 国际会议 featuring students, professors and organizers of university access programs. 在布达佩斯, 新课程将于1月开课, exploring the emergence of European values, 现代国家的形成, and war and persecution in world literature. 除了, the Socrates Speaker Series continues in 2023 with prominent public intellectuals and practitioners. 的 program is part of the 社区参与 Office at 黄金城官网.