SUPERA: Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia

June, 2018 to May, 2022
EU Horizon 2020

The main aim of the SUPERA project is to implement 6 fully-fledged Gender Equality Plans (GEP) to articulate a structural understanding of gender inequalities, stereotypes and biases in research as a cross-cutting issue to tackle in their complex, multi-layered dimensions and the inclusion of a gender perspective in research and academia, with a holistic set of measures addressing the above-mentioned objectives of the European Commission's strategy:

  • Building gender sensitive career management and workplaces;
  • Transforming decision-making towards accountability, transparency and inclusiveness;
  • Achieving excellence through strengthening the gender dimension in research and knowledge transfer.

The project will be designed based on four core principles that will tackle the main barriers of implementing GEPs in research organizations: cumulativeness; innovation; inclusiveness and sustainability.